Cloud-Based Smart Utility Software For Small & Mid-Sized Utilities

Your customers expect their Utilities interactions to be like those with their bank or online retailers. Simple, low-friction transactions on a mobile device. Are you ready for this?

Trusted By Leading Utilities

Municipalities, Cooperatives, Small Private Utilities, Even HOAs, Property Managers, & Universities Can Benefit & Save, from our Secure, Reliable Cloud-Based Utility Billing Software Solution


Cooperatives, Municipal Utilities & Retail Suppliers

Delight your customers, and manage accounts, workforce logistics, vendors, assets, inventory and spending, with a Smart360 solution set that fits your needs.


Water & Wastewater

Customer experience, and workforce, asset, and purchase management solutions to revolutionize the way you do business.


Multi-Family, Commercial & Institutional Utility Managers

Step up the quality and efficiency of managment and customer relations for multi-building properties or campuses that include tenant billing and responsibilities for multiple utilities accounts.


Gas Distribution Providers & Retail Sppliers

Rise above the ordinary with a solution set of integrated applications to monitor and manage customer experience, workforce productivity, asset management, and budgets.

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Manage Utility Operations Efficiently in One Place, from Onboarding Customers to Managing Assets

Build Customer Experience


Leave time-consuming manual processing behind; Reduce consumer complaints, & enjoy serving your customers

Collect & Process Smart Meter Data


Leave time-consuming manual processing behind; Reduce consumer complaints, & enjoy serving your customers

Accurate Billing & Reduce "Leakage"


Easily manage complex billing, rates and rate changes, error handling, and integration with finance.

Workforce Automation


Improve performance and customer satisfaction, with a workforce management application that empowers field crews with maps and mobile content at their fingertips.

Assets & Network Management


Process automation, inventory and intelligent maintenance tools help you manage assets and networks cost-effectively and efficiently.

Purchase & Inventory


Standardize and digitize contracts to enable simplified workflow management, purchasing and inventory responsibilities, and expenditure controls.

The world’s top 3 largest Utility provider's use the guide from Bynry, so do utilities like you

Every part of your Customer Support, Billing, Workforce, & Asset Management will become a seamless, efficient experience when you adopt Bynry's Smart360, a scalable and secure platform backed by a dedicated support

  • Pay-per-meter
  • All-in-one platform
  • Free onboarding