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Bynry was created with a simple idea of bringing a transformation in the Utilities industry and bringing sustainability to the planet. We’ve introduced a platform named Smart360, designed specifically for small and mid-sized utility companies to bring about their digital transformation. With around $1Mn in ARR and a well funded operation by marquee investors, Bynry is set to take the US utilities market with a storm.

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What’s In Store For You?

Join a highly passionate team that embraces the future of technology. With Bynry becoming the backbone for various customers across the globe for smart utility platforms, you will have an opportunity to make a world of difference.


Contribute to a Sustainable Future

We have a goal to transform the utility industry completely by creating reliable, affordable and sustainable solutions to conserve resources.


Develop your skills

We offer a wide range of training courses for the employees to grow and broaden their professional horizons.


Enjoy amazing Work Culture

Bynrians believe in collective success, which is why we strive to have a progressive environment because we believe our employees are the drivers of our growth.

Traits Of Every Bynrian - Every Bynrian should be a TREAT to work with.

  • Transparency - We are our true selves when we come to work. Transparency is a key trait in every Bynrian
  • Respectful - Bynarians work with integrity and respect each other’s perspectives with oodles of empathy
  • Excellence - Whatever a Byrian does, it is at par with excellence. Mediocrity is not what we aim for
  • Accountability - Bynarians own their work and so meeting goals and commitment is ingrained in us
  • Teamwork - Sharing our goals, success and failures. That is what is #BeingBynrian
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If you are enthusiastic about working with industry leaders who can make a difference, we invite you to join us.

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