How Utility Bill Automation Streamlines the Billing Process

What if you could get a buddy to help you out? Would your day-to-day tasks be simpler and a lot more streamlined? Say hello to your new buddy – automated utility billing software.

As a utility provider, your day must be filled with multiple tasks. Ensuring a steady supply of essential services like gas, water and electricity is a big responsibility in itself. Add customer requests and grievances to the list, and the day becomes even more complicated. Late payments are another issue that many companies face. And of course, the permanent requirement of having the ability to upsell or cross sell is something that just cannot be missed out. What if you could get a buddy to help you out? Would your day-to-day tasks be simpler and a lot more streamlined? Say hello to your new buddy – SMART360 a platform for automated utility billing.

It is your answer to enabling your teams to become more productive while time-consuming and laborious tasks are managed in the background. A cloud based billing software can be easily integrated with your existing ERP and CRM systems, thereby enabling smooth operations and tracking. While an automated billing software has its own advantages, let us look at 3 very specific reasons to go for one:

Better customer and employee experience

Customers have other priorities (even though they might love your products). Though it sounds very direct, this is really true. No matter how essential is service might be, customers do not like following up for issue resolution. It is very easy to switch to a competitor after all. With a cloud based billing software, you can onboard your customers and save their preferences in a central location. These details will come in handy when your team wants to cross-sell or up-sell. You can also offer different rate plans and discounts to customers who pay on time (or earlier). When complaints or service requests are raised, customers can easily get them resolved through an automated, holistic platform. They can also quickly check the status or progress of their requests. Your workforce will also find it easier to deal with customers. 360-degree view of your customers in real time helps personalize the service and help customers manage their consumption in a smart way.

Even when it comes to managing their own consumption, customers would do well with a centralized system which has details about their usage patterns over a period of time. If customers pay well ahead of time and reap early payment discounts, the same could be reflected too, providing them further confidence and enhancing their experience with the utility service provider. That’s a total win for both- customers and employee.

Increased workforce productivity

With automation, invoices can be managed better. Workflows can be set up to answer frequently asked questions or to incorporate more information to guide the field staff to perform their duties more intelligently. Assigning work becomes easier and the staff can access customer information and history to service the clients in a much better way. Field crew can be picked and assigned based on multiple factors like skills, history, availability, tools etc. A lot of the times, the workforce is busy attending to menial activities or tasks, thereby losing out on career enhancement opportunities. But in today’s world, customers expect knowledgeable staff and field crew to help them manage their needs and respond to their queries in a better manner. This is why training is important. With an automated billing software, utility companies can train their workforce to be on par with the workforce around the world. Keeping your workforce engaged, happy and productive will go a long way in ensuring your customers are taken care of well.

Lower costs

Paper-based systems can do no good in today’s digital world. When your billing software is automated, the staff is able to work on processes in a more efficient manner. Keeping paper records of bills, emails and communication is harmful for the environment as well as your company. An automated, smart utility system will also help customers pay their bills more proactively and keep a track of any discounts that they might get. Early payments will help utility companies enhance their cash flow and add to the bottom line. Printing and postage costs can also be saved in the entire process. Imagine how much money could be saved if you can avoid heaps of paper pertaining to bills, late payments, reminders, query resolution etc.

Automation is the future in the utility billing world

A utility billing software is a smart move for companies looking to service the customers of tomorrow. Such a software could also help make the workforce more productive so they can concentrate on more intelligent work instead of worrying about billing and follow-ups. Customer retention, one of the key goals on companies, can also see a spike if processes are automated. As more processes get automated and workflows get set up, relevant dashboards can be leveraged to understand where savings are observed the most. Areas of improvements can also be observed and worked upon. All this would help a utility company understand and serve its customers better while also seeing major improvements in its own processes.

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