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Delight customers with the seamless online self-service experience they expect, while you reduce costs, improve operations, and bring supply chain efficiencies, with SMART360, an integrated suite of secure cloud-based applications.


Smart Billing
Customer experience (CX)
Meter Data Management (MX)
Billing & Collection (BX)
Self Services - Web/Mobile
3rd party integrations
Onboarding Support
System Configuration
Online User training
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Smart Utility
Customer experience (CX)
Meter Data Management (MX)
Billing & Collection (BX)
Workforce Automation (WX)
Asset & Network (Ax)
Spend & inventory (SX)
Self Services - Web/Mobile
Work-order routing & matching
Workforce Mobile
MAP/GIS integration
Asset performance
Onboarding Support
System Configuration
Online User training
Dedicated Tech Support
Reporting & AI
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Add On's (Additional)

Data migration for more than 5000 meters
Integration: Chatbot, AMI/AMR, 3rd Party Analytics
Analytics: Custom Reports /MIS /AI
Data storage & retention
Onsite training & dedicated Account Executive

What is a TCO Calculator?

SMART360's TCO calculator is a valuable tool that helps Utilities and decision makers estimate the total cost of using our cloud -based SaaS platform over a specified period of time. It includes initial subscription costs and any ongoing fees such as usage-based charges or maintenance fees. With our TCO calculator, you can make informed decisions about whether our service is the most cost-effective option for your needs and plan for the long-term financial impact of using it. It can also help you compare the costs of different SaaS options to find the most cost-effective solution.

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How do I start the trial or sign up for the product?
The utility may use the sign-up request form, chat, or email, all on the Bynry website, to start a trial. Our Customer Success Team will help you get started within 7 business days of receipt of your request.
What is the length of a trial?
Product trials are for a period of 60 days and start when the utilities sign the trial subscription. The Utility Admin will be provided with a login ID to setup single sign-on and two-step authentication after beginning the product evaluation.
What happens when the trial ends?
At the end of the trial period, the utility may sign a contract for a period of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months. In addition, the customer can decide not to subscribe to the product, request changes to the product, or extend the trial duration by paying additional fees.
How do I extend my trial?
The trial of the product will last for a period of 60 days. The utility may request an extension by providing 15 days' notice before the expiration date of the trial period and paying additional fees.

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