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SMART360 App Marketplace simplifies complex operational system integrations

SMART360's App Marketplace helps businesses easily integrate their systems with ready-to-use integrations to connect all systems, saving time and improving efficiency.
Difficult to set up & maintain multiple system integrations for singular processes.
The incompatibility of system integrations with existing systems makes it more difficult to choose one.
Other integrations often have features which you don't need & also the existing ones do not serve the purpose 100%.
Multiple systems reduce the benefit-cost ratio which eventually reflects in service pricing.

A SMART360 marketplace to enhance your workflows across business verticals.

SMART360 App Marketplace offers customizable integrations to streamline business operations and improve efficiency. These integrations connect and automate systems to help businesses focus on their goals.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS options like MapBox and ESRI’s ArcGIS enable users to visualize and analyze data to inform decision-making and communicate information effectively. These tools can be useful for analyzing and understanding spatial data, such as location and mapping, and can be used for asset and fleet management.

Communication and printing

Keep stakeholders engaged with communication integrations like Twilio, Sendgrid, Docusign, chatbots, and in-app notifications. These tools allow for effective communication through various channels and help keep stakeholders informed and able to provide input on projects. Using these integrations can also streamline communication processes and improve efficiency.

Payment and collections

Integrating multiple payment methods such as PaymentusPayIt into an app marketplace can improve the user experience and increase revenue. It can also reduce the risk of fraud, facilitate global expansion, and build customer loyalty. Offering a variety of payment options gives users more choice and flexibility, and allows for seamless expansion into new markets.

OT integration

Operational technologies like SewerAI and APsensing can help utilities monitor asset conditions, improve asset utilization, and prevent issues through integrations. These tools allow utilities to make use of advanced analytics and monitoring capabilities to optimize their operations and maintain the reliability of their assets.

Smart meters

Use smart meter OEM integrations like Badger, Sensus, Itron, and Zenner to eliminate manual meter readings, improve billing accuracy, and provide customers with information on energy usage. These integrations enable utilities to automate meter reading and improve billing accuracy and allow customers to manage their consumption and reduce energy costs.

AI & Analytics

Use in-built AI algorithms and integrations like MIS reports and advanced analytics to optimize operations and better serve customers. These tools allow you to analyze data, predict service outages and equipment aging, create custom offers, and detect delinquency. Proactively addressing issues and creating targeted offers can improve the overall customer experience.

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A leading gas utility boosts customer satisfaction with Bynry's SMART360 platform.
Issuing bills on time was one of the major headaches utility faced before SMART360. It used to take around 60 days to create and distribute bills. After implementing our Smart Billing Module by SMART360 Platform, billing including meter- data reading and bill distribution cycle got streamlined and got down upto 20 days. Utility saved a lot of time and cost by implementing Bynry’s SMART360 platform.

What do utility experts have to say?

Utilities are facing the challenge of increasing rates for their customers while also ensuring that those rates are affordable. Data analytics can help utilities better understand the demographics of the community and make informed decisions about rate structures that take into account the ability of customers to pay.
Smart meters allow utilities to better serve their customers by reducing contact and increasing efficiency in water use, while also troubleshooting problems and establishing new service connections.
Utilities stand to benefit the most from using tools like ours to quickly assess options and create plans for treatment works under a range of potential future scenarios that may be difficult to predict or plan for.

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