Enhancing Accuracy with Meter Data Management Software

A complete, end-to-end smart mdm solution that connects data to plan metering and billing activities and derives insights.

Build better meter data management system workflows with SMART360

Meter data can optimize productivity, costs, and decision-making. Enhance operations with real-time monitoring and predictive analytics.
Multiple meter data sources and channels need multiple systems to be managed.
Smart meter integration is a challenge.
Managing meter reading workflows—scheduling, gathering meter readings, reading, and data processing—is a hassle.
Managing different formats of meter reading data is difficult.
Prolonged or repetitive estimated billing is a challenge.

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Step into the world of SMART360 and explore a spectrum of utility solutions.Every use case, one comprehensive tour. Ready to transform your utility operations?

With SMART360, leverage the full potential of utility meter data

Meter data can improve productivity, lower costs, and inform decision-making. Real-time monitoring and predictive analytics can enhance utility operations, and advanced tools and data-driven strategies can help you stay competitive.
Integrate customer service and billing to provide exceptional service that delights and nurtures customers’ trust. Create and implement complex rating plans with ease, and provide multiple digital payment options.

Meter management

Now, configure and add meters within SMART360, a mdms meter data management system that verifies and monitors all meter-related activities. such as inspection, O&M, and tampering.

Maintain accurate meter records

SMART360 helps in creating and maintaining accurate meter records, including status, type, measurement units, and formats, along with history. The VEE (validation, estimation, and editing) rule engine and connected workflows together enable the identification of meter data exceptions and corrections.

Routing & priority Sequencing

Intelligent scheduling, routing, and dispatch processes with smart algorithms and integrated GIS can help you customize and prioritize route planning, activities such as cycle scheduling and meter reader assignment, and dispatch.

Easy integration with existing systems

Integrating the SMART360 platform with multiple meter brands is simplified using Bynry's secure REST APIs, which allow the creation of a modern, open-standards framework.

Intelligent mdms alerts with a live dashboard

SMART360's mdms platform analyzes and corrects meter data issues with ease. See the internal analysis of your team's speed and quality of work, and dashboard views of real-time progress, pending requests, and MIS reports.

Ready to see how the SMART360 platform can benefit your Utility?

Step into the world of SMART360 and explore a spectrum of utility solutions.Every use case, one comprehensive tour. Ready to transform your utility operations?
A leading gas utility boosts customer satisfaction with Bynry's SMART360 platform.
Issuing bills on time was one of the major headaches utility faced before SMART360. It used to take around 60 days to create and distribute bills. After implementing our Smart Billing Module by SMART360 Platform, billing including meter- data reading and bill distribution cycle got streamlined and got down upto 20 days. Utility saved a lot of time and cost by implementing Bynry’s SMART360 platform.

What do utility experts have to say?

Utilities are facing the challenge of increasing rates for their customers while also ensuring that those rates are affordable. Data analytics can help utilities better understand the demographics of the community and make informed decisions about rate structures that take into account the ability of customers to pay.
Smart meters allow utilities to better serve their customers by reducing contact and increasing efficiency in water use, while also troubleshooting problems and establishing new service connections.
Utilities stand to benefit the most from using tools like ours to quickly assess options and create plans for treatment works under a range of potential future scenarios that may be difficult to predict or plan for.

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