Efficient Management of Contracts and Vendors, and Expenditure Control

Smart360 gives you powerful capabilities to manage and control contracts, vendor workflow, and expenditures against budgets, as well as, manage inventory and rack purchase order progress to avoid work delays or service interruptions.

SMART360 can help you create a better report management system

Multiple contract types, asset purchases, and vendor mapping are complicated.
Purchase processes and operations are siloed, with multiple systems and software used across a single business process, which is time-consuming and unreliable, resulting in service delays and interruptions.
Mapping supply and demand is a never-ending struggle or challenge.
All purchase and inventory data is spread across multiple systems.
Handling dynamic taxation (e.g., GST, VAT, sales tax, etc.).
Multiple quotations or revisions of the same document for purchase order processing.

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Step into the world of SMART360 and explore a spectrum of utility solutions.Every use case, one comprehensive tour. Ready to transform your utility operations?

With SMART360, Manage Contracts, Inventory, and Outlays More Efficiently

Meter data can improve productivity, lower costs, and inform decision-making. Real-time monitoring and predictive analytics can enhance utility operations, and advanced tools and data-driven strategies can help you stay competitive.

Upgrade your purchase contracts

Improve negotiations and documentation, as well as communications on contract review and approval, and improve audit accuracy with Smart360 contract and workflow tools.

Track inventory and consumption

Smart360's integrated procure-to-pay inventory management enables utilization tracking against demand, with digital approvals and record-keeping.

Track realization of agreements

Tracks the completion of contract entitlements to be operationalized for maximum value by capturing contract (agreement) details as digital records.

Manage vendor partners

Configure and send emails to vendors or suppliers regarding purchase status and updates, demand pipeline expectations, and contract fulfillment.

Make smarter decisions

Smart360 includes a global repository for secure storage, management, and report generation for company-wide visibility of contractual or purchase agreements that offers powerful tools to facilitate searches by prevailing terms, for example, or view roll-up hierarchies of agreements for quick review.

Ready to see how the SMART360 platform can benefit your Utility?

Step into the world of SMART360 and explore a spectrum of utility solutions.Every use case, one comprehensive tour. Ready to transform your utility operations?
A leading Water Utility partnered with Bynry to make operations transparent and boost revenue
Issuing bills on time was one of the major headaches utility faced before SMART360. It used to take around 60 days to create and distribute bills. After implementing our Smart Billing Module by SMART360 Platform, billing including meter- data reading and bill distribution cycle got streamlined and got down upto 20 days. Utility saved a lot of time and cost by implementing Bynry’s SMART360 platform.

What do utility experts have to say?

Utilities are facing the challenge of increasing rates for their customers while also ensuring that those rates are affordable. Data analytics can help utilities better understand the demographics of the community and make informed decisions about rate structures that take into account the ability of customers to pay.
Smart meters allow utilities to better serve their customers by reducing contact and increasing efficiency in water use, while also troubleshooting problems and establishing new service connections.
Utilities stand to benefit the most from using tools like ours to quickly assess options and create plans for treatment works under a range of potential future scenarios that may be difficult to predict or plan for.

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