Gas Utility Digitally Transformed its Operations and Improved Efficiency

The implementation of these solutions was completed in just 90 days, resulting in a 29% efficiency improvement, 94% data quality improvement, 57% increase in billing accuracy, and a 29% reduction in average billing

City Gas Distribution Company Digitally Transforms PNG Operations

A leading gas utility faced several challenges in their PNG distribution services, including sluggish registration processes, payment delays, and poor customer care. To address these challenges, the company partnered with Bynry to digitally transform their operations.


Hurdles in PNG Distribution Services: Overcoming the Challenges Faced by a Gas Utility with Digital Transformation

Sluggish new registration process: New registration process was slow and tedious, causing delays in new customer onboarding.
Clumsy billing cycle and payment delays: The billing system was inefficient, leading to payment delays and complications.
High average billing and collection dues: The utility was facing challenges in collecting payments from customers, leading to high dues.
Incompetent consumer care: The customer care system was not able to handle consumer complaints and queries efficiently.
Lack of traceability: The utility faced challenges in tracking the service and payment history of customers.

Transforming PNG Operations: How Bynry's Digital Solutions Helped a Gas Utility Overcome Operational Challenges

Digitized Consumer Registration
Bynry helped the company to speed up the registration process by offering a faster and more efficient digital consumer registration process. This enabled the company to onboard new customers seamlessly and reduce turnaround time.
Billing Made Easy
Bynry streamlined the billing process by offering an integrated and secure payment method. This allowed the company to reduce payment delays, average billing, and collection dues, and increase billing accuracy.
GPS-Aided Meter Reading
Bynry introduced GPS-aided and route-sequenced photo meter reading to improve meter reading accuracy and reduce the need for manual intervention. This allowed the company to monitor consumption patterns and track usage efficiently.

Results Achieved

  • 29% efficiency improvement
  • 94% data quality improvement
  • 57% increase in billing accuracy
  • 29% reduction in average billing

The implementation of Bynry's digital transformation services was completed in just 90 days,

resulting in a significant improvement in utilities overall operational efficiency.

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