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88% of small and mid sized utilities use legacy or no technology to manage their day to day operations

The challenges of Implementing Digital Utilities: Integration and Security Concerns

Digital utilities offer numerous benefits for Utility companies, including improved efficiency and sustainability. However, the transition to a digital utility also brings its own set of challenges, such as integration and security. Integration can be complex as new digital technologies must be integrated with existing systems.

On the other hand, security is a top concern as digital systems become increasingly reliant on technology. Utilities must ensure that their systems are secure and protected against potential cyber threats to prevent data breaches and other security incidents. By addressing these challenges, utilities can successfully implement digital utilities and reap the rewards of this transformative technology.

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What is Digital Maturity Assesment?

To quantify your level of digital maturity in different areas , we assess & benchmark your existing state as a service organization - both functionally & culturally - against the best digital standards in your sector. The report includes comparing your digital performance; across verticals/departments; with the industry average, best-in-class peers/digital leaders, and everyone in between.

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What are the benefits of the Digital Maturity Assesment report?

Benchmark internal performance

Set clear objectives for future investments in performance improvement.

Accelerate performance improvement

Create a roadmap & a prioritized action plan to close performance gaps and improve digital adoption & maturity.

Make better investment decisions

Estimates in terms of time & money by determining what resources it will take to move from one level to the next level of digital maturity.

What leading utility experts have to say about Digital Utility?

"With the ability to provide reliable water and extensive data on consumption, predictive billing, and conservation, you can better serve your customers and set your utility apart in the marketplace. Become a digital utility and unlock the power of data insights to improve preventative maintenance, raise revenue, enhance asset management, and lower operating expenses."
John Huff
Product Manager