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88% of small and mid sized utilities use legacy or no technology to manage their day to day operations

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Bynry provides SMART360 - an Al-driven Smart Utility Platform for small to mid-sized utilities, unifying customer experience, work orders, billing, payments, and asset management - At zero cost.

How Does it work?

Three-way call b/w Bynry, Isle & Utility
Letter of Intent (LOI) from the utility + Trial Design
Tri-party Agreement b/w Bynry, Sponsor & Utility + Trial Commencement
Utility’s decision to purchase post-trial

No Hidden Fees & No obligation to Purchase

Access to a pool of funding

Benefit of funding pool of $150,000 for a pilot provided by our generous sponsor.

Zero Cost Implementation

Implement innovative solutions at zero cost.

Go live in 10-12 weeks

Get up and running within 10-12 weeks.

What leading utility experts have to say about Digital Utility?

"With the ability to provide reliable water and extensive data on consumption, predictive billing, and conservation, you can better serve your customers and set your utility apart in the marketplace. Become a digital utility and unlock the power of data insights to improve preventative maintenance, raise revenue, enhance asset management, and lower operating expenses."
John Huff
Endeavour Business Media Water Group