Blockchain Technology Sustainability: Jennifer Loudon on Intelligent Water Systems and Industry Transformation

Jennifer discusses the importance of blockchain to address major challenges at water utilities.

Jennifer is an environmental scientist with 20 years of laboratory experience. She has a bachelor's degree in Marine Sciences and a master's degree in Environmental Sciences from Rutgers University. She's also the founder and CEO of Intelligent Water Services. It's a smart water startup that offers wastewater treatment utilities. Which is a streamlined way of managing industrial users through the use of blockchain technology.

Blockchain and smart water

According to Jennifer, blockchain can be a valuable addition to the tools used by smart water utilities. It has the potential to improve collaboration between departments and increase transparency. Small and mid-sized water utilities, which are particularly vulnerable to disruptions, stand to benefit significantly from the implementation of blockchain technology.

The Need for Implementing Blockchain in Small and Mid-Sized Utilities!

If an industrial discharge was released into the water system, it would significantly impact smaller and mid-size utilities. However, with an early warning system in place, utilizing sensors and a communication network based on blockchain and smart contracts, we can quickly distribute information and automatically execute responses in real-time. This would allow small and mid-size utilities to recover faster, minimizing the negative effects of the discharge.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn about the major challenges utilities face in the present day and how blockchain technology can provide solutions. Click below to watch the full podcast featuring Jennifer Loudon.

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