Water Data Management and Analytics for Utilities

Glenn explains how cloud technology and data will benefit water utilities in finance and management.

Here's Our official #UtilityCloudGuide podcast featuring Glenn Barnes-Director at Water Finance Assistance. Glenn has worked directly with utilities provided training to water professionals and is a frequent presenter at regional and national conferences for the past 15 years using data analytics to help utilities make smarter decisions about rates affordability long-term planning, staffing, and emergency preparedness.

In this podcast, Glenn explains how cloud technology and data can assist water utilities in finance and management and how it can be beneficial to them.

Data Utilisation For Better Customer Understanding And Improved Business Operations

The goal is to use data to help utilities gain a deeper understanding of their customers, operations, and finances, and make better-informed decisions with an analytics platform. Without this data, utilities may fall back on traditional ways of doing things or make decisions based on the voices of a select few. By using data, we can help utilities make informed decisions that will ultimately benefit them and their customers.

How Can Data Analytics Assist Utilities in Filling Gaps

One example of data analysis & advanced analytic in the water sector is a water loss audit. This involves looking at how much water is treated at a plant and how much is sold to customers, and then determining where any losses are coming from (e.g. leaks, smart metering, etc.). In the past, utilities might have assumed that any losses were due to faulty pipes and spent money replacing them, but with the use of the M36 methodology, they can now understand where the real issues lie and make more informed decisions on where to allocate funds. This can help utilities avoid wasting money on unnecessary repairs and instead focus on fixing the root of the problem.

Want to use data to improve your water utility? Our podcast on Data Analytics for Water Utilities of tomorrow is a must-watch! Stay ahead of the game and bring your utility to the next level by watching the full podcast now. You won't want to miss out on these valuable insights!

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