As a leading player in the industry, our electric utility software serves as a bridge between improved customer satisfaction and modernization of the industry to the greatest degree of adaptability and convenience. Backed up with cloud-based infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, we are delivering transformation benefits to the power industry. The software is built with extensive research to develop an easy-to-use and flexible energy bill management system for managing data to a great extent without any hassle. This cloud-based utility software can be easily paired with the billing, usage, and collection modules which serves as a complete solution for energy management and billing services. Focused on electric asset management, our software brings a revolutionary shift in services for assisting energy management in the USA.

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Benefits & key features

Stay connected with your energy management module from anywhere to optimize your time and money efficiency.

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Easy integration

The electric billing software is drafted with an extensive focus on customer’s needs and robust technological adaptability for every environment. These next-generation utility modules can easily assist in the rapid growth of enterprises and enduring business.

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Efficient data management

With an easy-to-use infrastructure on any platform, the data is handled with great precision and updated in real-time over the cloud to eliminate any delay. It allows access and monitoring of data conveniently with great efficiency. Audit costs, billing summary, invoices, portfolios can be accessed with few clicks.

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Create detailed reports

Electricity utility software allows you to develop collective and detailed reports within seconds to analyze the factors like missing payments, previous invoice comparison, charges occurred, due dates, paid and the remaining amount, and a lot more by assessing the data metrics to serve organizational and individual needs in a fraction of time.

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Ease of accessibility

The remote architecture of electricity billing software allows staff on the ground to access data quickly and respond accordingly. Onsite managers can upload or access necessary information remotely to ensure a smooth transition of data and services.

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Detailed analytics

Analytics is a major part of electric asset management which allows a customer to gain enhanced insight into the energy consumption, wastage, comparison with the help of data-driven reports. This detailed analysis can help them develop a more energy-efficient system and reduce costs.

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Billing and collection

With auto-generated bills and integrated online payment plans through multiple channels, it has become very convenient for customers to pay their bills and track their expenses. Digital invoicing allows fast and paperless transactions.

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Why Choose Bynry for Your Electricity Asset management?

A comprehensive solution to take care of every single need of power management regardless of the type and size of the industry.


Flexibility of Billing

Our electricity utility software can be integrated with great flexibility on meted and sub-meter usage.


Real-time Data Feed

The interconnected network over the cloud allows the information to be updated in real-time to improve efficiency.

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Reduced manual intervention

The incorporation of automation processes and enhanced technical environment reduces manual and time-consuming infections.


Easy audit and assessment

With data-enhanced reports readily available at your fingertips, our electricity billing software assists in easy power management.


Future proof

The electricity billing software is scalable with current traditional systems and easily adaptable with modern power distribution infrastructure for years to come.

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Our entire approach is based on uttermost satisfaction and convenience of use for our customers to ensure wider and easy interaction.

Trusted by leading Utilities

All-in-one Cloud-based Smart Utility platformdesigned especially for small and mid-sizedWater & Wastewater service companies

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About Us

Bynry Technologies, since its inception in 2016, has been transforming the wayenergy based business across the world functions. Backed by cutting edgeDigital, IoT, and Analytics technologies, Bynry helps you deliver better customerexperiences, follow hassle free process and standardized operationalpractices. Our skilled team believes in offering smarter IT solutions complyingwith local regulatory laws. Our s killed team believes in offering smarter ITsolutions complying with local regulatory laws.

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FAQ about Electricity Billing Software

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All-in-one Cloud-based Smart Utility platform designed especially for
small and mid-sized Water & Wastewater service companies