Water Utility Billing Software

Cloud-based utility software for water management and billing to serve industrial and individual needs.

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Bynry water billing software has been developed after a tremendous amount of research to deliver a robust and innovative digital platform for water suppliers. With the incorporation of modern technical architecture like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT, the system ensures effective management of resources and aims toward water conservation and the development of smart distribution channels.

Water utility software provides a distinguished customer experience to streamline the tasks, maintain smooth workflow and provide uttermost convenience. This cloud-based utility software incorporates all the complexities of water distribution like billing, payments, collection, coordination, report generation, meter management, customer support, and a lot more to make it a one-stop solution for the water supply industry in the USA.

Benefits & key features

Bynry water utility software assists the growth of digitalization and future adaptability of the water supply industry.

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Effortless billing

With automated billing and report generation, the software allows fast and accurate disbursal and collection of bills.

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Efficient meter management

The water billing software can be easily synchronized with standard and digital meters to track usage and create automated responses accordingly.

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Report and analytics

Customers and suppliers can easily keep track of usage and create comparison reports to reduce wastage and conserve water.

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Customer support channel

The software is equipped with customer inquiry, support, and complaint features which allows them to communicate seamlessly with the support team.

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With frequent updates and development, the water billing software is compatible to adapt with upcoming modern technical transformation in the water supply industry.

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The entire software architecture is deployed on dedicated cloud servers to ensure security and fast accessibility of software features and data.

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Why to Choose Bynry Smart Utility Billing Software?

The convenience of operations is brought to your fingertips to improve resource management and customer interaction.


Customer interface

With a simplified user experience, the water welding software significantly reduces the workload by offering a wide array of features for customer interaction. This eliminates the need for manual resources and improves productivity to a great extent.


Real-Time Payments

The integrated payment feature allows customers to pay bills instantly through the software only which eliminates the possibility of the unnecessary shutoff, automates transactions, and updates profile accordingly for error-free asset management.

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Device compatibility

Water billing software can be accessed easily from any type of device. It is designed to work perfectly on mobile, tablets, or computers which improves its accessibility by a wider segment of audience and interact as per their convenience.


Tracks usage

The analytics module of water utility software is based on data gathering by artificial intelligence which provides detailed insight about water usage and personalized saving programs to reduce cost wherever possible.


Leakage detection & conservation

The amalgamation of machine learning and artificial intelligence allows detection of any unusual activities or abnormality in water supply or consumption. This helps in the detection of any leakage and charts a path toward water conservation.

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The water billing software can be easily paired with existing models to reduce the excessive cost of third-party integrations and offers a ready-to-use platform instantly. Also, no special hardware is required to operate this software as it can be operated easily on a computer or mobile device.

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All-in-one Cloud-based Smart Utility platform designed especially for small and mid-sized Utilities

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About Us

Bynry Corp., since its inception in 2016, has been transforming the way energy based business across the world functions. Backed by cutting edge Digital, IoT, and Analytics technologies, Bynry helps you deliver better customer experiences, follow hassle free process and standardized operational practices. Our skilled team believes in offering smarter IT solutions complying with local regulatory laws. Our s killed team believes in offering smarter IT solutions complying with local regulatory laws.

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All-in-one Cloud-based Smart Utility Software designed especially for
small and mid-sized Utilities